Fresh Prep Life designs customized nutrition plans to maximize your time and elevate your lifestyle.



Organic & Local Ingredients

Fresh Prep Life brings local, organic farm to table fare, directly to your home from our partners and affiliates. Choose from the weekly menu prepared by your personal private chef, while having the ability to specify your favorite cuisine and cravings. 

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Meal Prep & Nutrition Memberships

Fresh Prep offers the finest creations for our Nutritional Meal Plan clientele. We love to reinvent the wheel by always featuring new inspirations and flavors, while giving you the ability to stay consistent with your lifestyle goals. Plus every meal is served in fully compostable, plant based containers.


Private Chef & Catering

Looking for the most exclusive service and fully tailored nutritional services for your home? Fresh Prep Life offers In-Home private chef services to accommodate all of your needs. We also offer the finest catering for Private Parties, Corporate Events, Weddings, and more!

Design Your Profile to Feed Your Soul for Success. 


Let Fresh Prep Life be your private chef for less. Each week we shop for the finest organic ingredients, directly sourced from local farmers, and deliver exquisitely crafted cuisine, directly to your home. The weekly menus designed by our Executive Chef, turn seasonal favorites into artisan creations, while being fully customized to your personal profile. Directly from our kitchen to your home, we provide the finest quality and service. Fresh Prep Life offers fully prepared, ready to eat meals, grab and go snacks, as well as ready to blend smoothies, plus so much more! Because protecting our environment and your wellness is of utmost importance, all of our products are served in BPA Free Pyrex Glassware. Since Fresh Prep believes in our clientele having the ability to fully customize your nutritional profile, your request is our command. 


Paleo. Keto. Macro. Which One Are You?


Paleo. Fresh Prep Life offers a balanced Paleo Membership that consists of equal portions protein, vegetables/fruits, and carbs. Because we only use the highest quality ingredients, we believe it is a valuable asset to include some grains and legumes into our Paleo meal plan. They are an extremely sustainable source of protein and fiber for the body. This plan is incredible for tri-athletes, basic weight-loss, and simple clean eating. We can also accommodate Whole 30 and Anti Inflammatory Protocol!

Keto. Fresh Prep Life offers a Ketogenic Membership that focuses on a high fat, high protein, and extremely low carb ratios. This makes the body’s metabolic system more efficient at burning fat for sustainable energy, commonly referred to as ketosis. This plan is recommended for members looking to enter ketosis, lower blood-sugar or insulin levels, or virtually eliminate grains and carbs from their daily nutrition.

Macro. Based upon the macronutrients found in your daily whole foods consumption, the Macro Membership is customized to your exact protein, carb, and fat needs. Fresh Prep Life offers all Macro based information for all of our meals. We can specifically set your membership to meet your daily macro ratios to help achieve your nutritional goals! Need help calculating your Macros? Contact Us and we will help you get started!

Want to know more specifics and details on each fitness meal plan? Check out our blog post for a guide on foods to consume for you! Need help determining which plan is truly best for your lifestyle needs? Check out our affiliate page and contact a local wellness coach or nutritionist! Don’t forget to work up a sweat to see the best results! We have a list of personal trainers that are waiting to help you achieve your goals!



Living the Vegan and Vegetarian Lifestyle?


Fresh Prep Life loves offering the highest quality, organic produce and protein filled Veg meals bursting with flavor! Weather you are trying the plant based lifestyle for the first time or you are a seasoned veteran, we make your nutrition a breeze. By using a Macro based system, Fresh Prep Life is able to create a fully Vegan or Vegetarian meal plan for your exact nutritional needs.


Looking to Cleanse and Detox the Body?


If you are having any food sensitivities or would like to cleanse your body of toxicity, our elimination meal plan is the perfect fit! Fresh Prep Life is able to create delicious and filling meals without the use of added sugar, dairy, grains, nightshades, or specific legumes and nuts. It can be complicated to reach your goals when you can only eat a limited amount of ingredients, so we provide you with a simple cleansing solution.

Want to know more specifics and details about our elimination and detox meal plan? Check out our blog post for a guide on foods to consume! Need help determining which plan is truly best for your lifestyle needs? Check out our affiliate page and contact a local wellness coach or nutritionist!


Feeding the Whole Family, Whole Foods.


Fresh Prep Life is here for busy families on the go! Our family style meals are meant to maximize your time, so you can be the superhero you truly are! Have our chef prepare full dinners to make your weekdays a breeze! The family sized portions are meant to feed 4 to 6, and 6 or more! Plus, we include a breakfast item for those mornings when you need an extra hand getting out the door. While keeping your families nutritional needs in mind, our chef offers delicious classics, as well as special dishes to keep everyone happy!


Start Your Day & Stay Satisfied!


 Fresh Prep Life offers a variety of hand-crafted goods to add-on to your membership. Try our famous Overnight Oats that are packed with protein to jump start your day and help give you sustainable energy. If you are looking for a healthy snack during the middle of the day, try our sweet and spicy lentil hummus. Tired of the same boring post workout protein shake? Try our perfectly balanced, ready to blend smoothies made with plant based protein, over 6 cups of greens, antioxidants, probiotics, and superfoods galore! Fresh Prep Life also offers gourmet goods from our local partners! We love supporting our small business purveyors!


Feeling sweet? Deserve a bit of decadence? Let Fresh Prep treat you.


Fresh Prep offers the finest pastries and desserts available with your weekly delivery. We believe in the importance to treat yourself to indulgence. Everyone deserves dessert, no matter what! We are able to offer sweets that satisfy all nutritional needs, for purely over the top satisfaction. For all members, tag #freshprepdessert @freshpreplife on Instagram for a free treat in your weekly delivery!